Naprej Zastave Slave - Slovenian Home Guard Song


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Published on Aug 11, 2021

The Slovene Home Guard (Slovene: Slovensko domobranstvo, SD; German: Slowenische Landeswehr) was a Slovene anti-Partisan military organization that was active during the 1943–1945 German occupation of the formerly Italian-occupied Province of Ljubljana. It consisted of former Village Sentries (Slovene: Vaške straže; Italian: Guardia Civica), part of Italian-sponsored Anti-Communist Volunteer Militia, re-organized under Nazi command after the Italian Armistice.

It was closely linked to Slovenian right wing anti-Communist political parties and organizations, which provided most of the membership, taking assistance of Germans rather than the opposite. In the Slovenian Littoral, a similar but much smaller unit, called Slovenian National Defense Corps (Slovene: Slovensko narodno varnostni zbor, German: Slowenisches Nationales Schutzkorps), more commonly known as the Littoral Home Guard (Slovene: Primorsko domobranstvo) was ideologically and organizationally linked to the SD. An even smaller Upper Carniolan Self-Defense (Slovene: Gorenjska samozaščita, German: Oberkrainer Landschutz), also known as the Upper Carniolan Home Guard (Slovene: Gorenjsko domobranstvo) was active in Upper Carniola between 1944 and 1945. All three "home guard" units were formed almost exclusively of ethnic Slovenes. At their peak, they had a combined membership of around 21,000 men, of whom there were 15,000 in the Province of Ljubljana, 3,500 in the Julian March and 2,500 in Upper Carniola.[citation needed] Its officers and language of command were Slovene

"Naprej, zastava slave" or "Naprej, zastava Slave" (English: "Forward, Flag of Glory") is a former national anthem of Slovenia, used from 1860 to 1989. It is now used as the official service song of the Slovenian Armed Forces.
The lyrics were written originally by Simon Jenko and then improved collaboratively by him and his cousin Davorin Jenko who also wrote the music. The poem was first publicly sung with great success in front of a large Slavic audience on 22 October 1860, and was first published in Slovenski glasnik (English: The Slovene Herald) on 1 December 1860. In 1863, it was renamed by Radoslav Razlag to Naprej, zastava Slave.

Naprej zastava slave,
na boj junaška kri,
za blagor očetnjave
naj puška govori!

Z orožjem in desnico,
nesimo vragu grom,
zapisat v kri pravico,
ki terja jo naš dom.

Draga mati je prosila,
roke okol' vrata vila,
je plakala moja mila:
Tu ostani ljubi moj!

Z bogom mati, ljuba, zdrava!
Mati mi je očetnjava,
ljuba moja, čast in slava.
Hajdmo, za njo v boj!

Naprej zastava slave,
na boj junaška kri,
za blagor očetnjave
naj puška govori!

Naprej! Naprej!