Dvanadesetiyat Čas - Anthem of the Union of Bulgarian National Legions


ZborBall IV


Published on Aug 10, 2021

“The Twelfth Hour” was created by legionnaires after the death of General Hristo Lukov in his memory. The music for the it was written by the famous composer Manol Manolov. The noting list for the song has been lost until 2018 when a nationalist and a historian accidentally found it in an antique shop. When he realized the importance of his finding, he contacted the organizer of the Lukov March.

The new recording on the march was seen for the first time in 2020 during the annual Lukov March in honour of gen. Hristo Lukov and the Union of Bulgarian National Legions.

The person tasked with realizing the project of recording this song was another organizer of the march - Tsvetelin Penkov.

The composer of the march Manol Manolov was born in 1911 in Sofia where he graduated in a musical academy in 1942. One of his first works was the march “Glory to the Hero” (Слава на Героя) dedicated the WWI general Nikola Zhekov. In 1942 he composed a march dedicated to the Japanese army and one to the Croatian one called “Brothers by Fate” (Братя по Съдба). In 1963 maestro Manolov was awarded the order of saint Cyril and saint Methodius. He died 13 years later in 1976.

Напред в борбата кръв се лей,
Победен зов - тръби ехтят
В атака легии летят
Бунтовно знамето се вей
В атака вихрена летят
Българио верни чада,
В борба за хляб и свобода
Ще мрат или ще победят.
Дойде очакваният час,
Врага народен да сразим
Народе, тръгвай ти с нас,
Дела велики да творим.
Дела за чест и правдини
В кървав дим ще се родят,
В атака легии летят
Чела им лаври ще красят