YouTube limits access to videos that are neither illegal, nor violate their own Terms and Conditions or Community Guidelines.

"Limited state" videos are placed behind a warning message, cannot be shared, monetized or easily found, and have likes, comments, view counts and suggested videos disabled.

YouTube removes videos that violate their ever-changing and arbitrarily enforced Community Guidelines, while Creators increasingly "self-censor" trying to avoid channel strikes and terminations. is an unbiased community catalog of 342636 limited state, removed, and self-censored YouTube videos across 17087 monitored channels, of which 3116 have been deleted and 10465 are being archived in case of deletion.

Find videos and channels using the search bar. Download videos with "right mouse button click" inside the video window or use the "Download Torrent" link. Channel and Video RSS Feeds ( ) contain torrent links to easily download multiple videos. Embed videos in any website exactly like YouTube.

Email new channel suggestions to altCensored AT together we show what they hide!

Privacy Policy

Data you directly provide

Data that you provide to the website for the purpose of its operation (e.g., an account name or password, or playlist) will be stored in the websites database until the user decides to remove it. This data will not be intentionally shared with anyone or anything.

Information stored about a registered user is limited to:

  • a user ID (for persistent storage of preferences and playlists) and hashed password
  • a json object containing user preferences
  • a list of video IDs identifying watched videos

Users can clear their watch history using the clear watch history page.

Data you passively provide

When you request any resource from this website (e.g., a page, font, or image) information about the request may be logged.

Information about a request is limited to:

  • the time the request was made
  • the status code of the response
  • the method of the request
  • the requested URL
  • how long it took to complete the request

No identifying information is logged, such as the visitors cookie, user-agent, or full IP address (only the first /24 bits are stored for geographical feedback). Here are a few lines as an example: - - [07/Oct/2020:13:03:31 +0000] "GET /watch?v=S-qr4J20H5M HTTP/1.1" 200 6602 "-" "-"rt=0.739 ua="unix:/run/gunicorn.sock" us="200" uct="0.000" uht="0.740" urt="0.740" - - [07/Oct/2020:13:03:31 +0000] "GET /watch?v=w6SIKdDmnz8 HTTP/1.1" 200 5156 "-" "-"rt=0.591 ua="unix:/run/gunicorn.sock" us="200" uct="0.000" uht="0.588" urt="0.588"

This website does not store the visitors user-agent or full IP address and does not use fingerprinting, advertisements, or tracking of any form.

Data stored in your browser

This website uses browser cookies to authenticate registered users. This data consists of:

  • An account token to keep you logged into the website between visits, which is sent when any page is loaded while you are logged in

This website also provides an option to store site preferences (e.g., theme or locale) without an account. Using this feature will store a cookie in the visitors browser containing their preferences. This cookie is sent on every request and does not contain any identifying information.

You can remove this data from your browser by logging out of this website, or by using your browsers cookie-related controls to delete the data.

Removal of data

To remove data stored in your browser, you can log out of the website, or you can use your browsers cookie-related controls to delete the data.

To remove data that has been stored in the websites database, you can use the delete my account page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find videos/channels?

The search bar at the top of every page is the best way to locate channels and videos. Use the minimum number of exact words. YouTube channel and video identifiers can also be used:

How can I upload my videos/channels?

We receive channel suggestions (preferably through altCensored AT and add channels that have experienced, or are at-risk of experiencing:

How can I download videos/channels?

  • Download videos with "right mouse button click" inside the video window or use the "Download Torrent" link.
  • Channel and Video RSS Feeds contain torrent links to easily download multiple videos with an RSS feed capable torrent client such as qBittorrent.

How can I embed videos?

Videos can be embedded (with or without iframes) using the same syntax as YouTube:

<iframe width="640" height="360"
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