Remember Pearl Harbor! - American WW2 Song


ZborBall IV


Published on Aug 10, 2021

Oh man, doing this one was very simple. I didn't think it would be so short, as I hadn't listened to it fully. But it was surprisingly simple.

Remember Pearl Harbor is an American patriotic march written by Don Reid and Sammy Kaye in the week immediately following the December 7, 1941 attack on the military facilities on the Hawaiian island on Oahu by naval forces of the Japanese navy. Ten days after news of the attacks, Kaye's "Swing and Sway band" was recording the song in New York City, using Kaye's "Glee Club" for vocal harmonies. Although the group performed four takes, the first take was the chosen track for mastering, producer Leonard Joy supervising the recording and Kaye directing. Billboard Magazine announced the song's release in its January 17, 1942 issue. Two weeks later the song was #7 nationally in record sales and #10 in sheet music sales. At years' end the song remained on several top 100 lists. By January 1943, Sammy Kaye had donated $4000 from the song's royalties to Navy Relief funds.

In December 2017, President Donald Trump, honoring veterans of the Pearl Harbor attack in a ceremony at the White House asked the room "Remember Pearl Harbor.' Have you heard that before a couple of times, 'Remember Pearl Harbor?'" One of the veterans, Michael "Mickey" Ganitch, boldly burst out in song, remembering lyrics 75 years old: "Let's remember Pearl Harbor as we go to meet the foe. Let's remember Pearl Harbor, as we did the Alamo. We will always remember how they died for liberty. Let's remember Pearl Harbor, and go on to victory."

History in every century records an act that lives forevermore.
We'll recall, as into line we fall,
The thing that happened on Hawaii's shore.

Let's remember Pearl Harbor
As we go to meet the foe.
Let's remember Pearl Harbor
As we did the Alamo.
We will always remember how they died for Liberty.
Let's remember Pearl Harbor
And go on to victory.