58 Minutes of UÇK Music


ZborBall IV


Published on Jul 12, 2021

I could have pushed it to 1 hr but i didn't want to include too many modern songs.
The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA; Albanian: Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosovës), UÇK) was an ethnic-Albanian separatist militia that sought the separation of Kosovo from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) and Serbia during the 1990s and the eventual creation of Greater Albania due to the presence of a vast ethnic majority of Albanians in the region,[b] stressing Albanian culture, ethnicity and nation. It was considered a terrorist group until the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Military precursors to the KLA began in the late 1980s with armed resistance to Yugoslav police trying to take Albanian activists in custody. By the early 1990s there were attacks on police forces and secret-service officials who abused Albanian civilians. By mid-1998 the KLA was involved in frontal battle though it was outnumbered and outgunned. Conflict escalated from 1997 onward due to the Yugoslavian army retaliating with a crackdown in the region which resulted in violence and population displacements. The bloodshed, ethnic cleansing of thousands of Albanians driving them into neighbouring countries and the potential of it to destabilize the region provoked intervention by international organizations, such as the United Nations, NATO and INGOs. NATO supported the KLA and intervened on its behalf in March 1999.

Song List:
00:00 - Marshi I UÇK
3:29 - Qlirimtari
7:38 - The Heroes of Kosovo
10:47 - Ushtar Kavaja
14:48 - Zemrë e Kumanovës
19:35 - Nijazi Azemi
23:30 - Ndale Shkjaun Moj Evropë
27:33 - Agim Ramadani Katana
31:08 - Lulja e Kosharës
35:17 - Presheva
39:08 - Jam Kosova e Shqiptarisë
43:20 - Serih Vjen Marshi
48:18 - Epopeja e UCK-së
51:15 - Zani e Kosharës
54:49 - Marshi I UÇK