Drag Queen Story Hour; 'Damaging Children' Tavistock Clinic Closes, Family Sex Show Child Sex Abuse




Published on Aug 1, 2022

- Radical Cartoonist Stella Perrett
- Bristol Protest Shuts Down Drag Queen Story Hour
- London's Tavistock Puberty Blocker Clinic Closed

Stella Perrett, cancelled cartoonist from The Morning Star, joins Tony and Martin. A court victory by Harry Miller of Faircop is a huge relief to those of us who ALLEGEDLY have one of these stupid NCHIs on their police record. I was told I had one by the editor of the Morning Star. After FOI and SAR requests, complaints to police chief and PCC and numerous legal letters from the FSU, A&S police STILL refuse to either release information to me, or state that they do NOT hold an NCHI against me. As the Judge said, just the existence of these things has a " chilling effect" on public discourse, and on freedom of expression. Here is my cartoon, for which I allegedly have an NCHI. Just as with Harry Miller, this was a legitimate journalistic comment, in my role as political cartoonist for a national newspaper, on the proposed reform of the GRA2004 and the risk to women's safe spaces.

Protestors clash outside a Drag Queen Story Hour for children in Bristol.  Antifa vs women’s rights group.  Antifa masked protestors.  Manipulation of protest movements by police and secret services.  One person arrested at Drag Queen Story Time protest - A woman arrested by police as protesters clashed outside a number of Bristol libraries, where a drag queen was reading stories to parents and children, has been released. The woman, who has not been named, was detained by police and put into the back of a police van after an allegation of common assault on a man was made during heated scenes outside a library in Bristol today. The police were in attendance at a succession of libraries across Bristol today, Thursday, July 28, to enable the Drag Queen Story Hour events to take place as part of a summer children's reading initiative. A number of people from outside of Bristol came to protest outside each library as the storytime tour visited around three libraries across the city during the day - with another three planned tomorrow (Friday). And at each protest, they were met by counter-protesters supporting the initiative and the Drag Queen doing the storytelling inside the libraries.

A statement from Avon and Somerset police said they had tried to facilitate a peaceful protest and to make sure the event was allowed to take place unhindered. "Police this afternoon detained a woman outside Hillfields Library in connection with an alleged common assault on a man," the spokesperson said. "The incident happened during a protest and counter-protest about a drag queen touring libraries in Bristol reading a children's story.

Drag Queen Story Hour UK was set to see drag queen Aida H Dee perform some of her own stories to young children and their parents at half a dozen libraries in Bristol, as part of the Story Hour's summer tour across the country. The tour began in Reading on Monday, but protesters stormed the event - some with their own children - to protest, which meant police had to get involved and escort the drag queen, who grew up in Bristol, to her next event location while forming a human wall to protect her from assault or any protesters carrying out a 'citizen's arrest'. Bristol was one of the first places in the country to host Drag Queen Story Time initiatives for children - with Parson Street School in Bedminster among the first schools in the country to welcome drag queens in to read children's books to children on World Book Day back in 2017 and 2018, despite some parents' objections. Bristol City Council issued a statement earlier today supporting the Drag Queen Story Time events

NHS Tavistock Centre closed – gender alignment for children.  History of Tavistock Centre – WW2, eugenics and Nazis.  Richie Heron, who was a patient there, on GB News.  NHS to close Tavistock child gender identity clinic over safety fears A controversial centre which helped youngsters become transgender is being shut down by the NHS after it was deemed 'unsafe for children'. Instead, young people who believe that they are trans will now be moved into regional centres which will take a more ‘holistic’ approach to treatment. This will include looking at other mental health or medical issues they may have. Keira Bell, who was prescribed puberty blockers at the centre when she was just 16 years old but later stopped the transition process, welcomed the decision. Now 25, she said: “I’m over the moon. It means many children will be saved from going down that path that I went down. She added: “I thought that that was the way I needed to go (transition) but really I just needed some support... mental health support and some therapy really.”

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