Piers Corbyn on UKs 18/19Jul22 'Red Warning' Climate Scare & 'Clean Air Zones' Green Tax




Published on Jul 17, 2022

Piers Corbyn on 18/19 July 2022 Red Warning Climate Scare & 'Clean Air Zones' Green Tax

UK to have first Met Office Red Warning for heat next week. Climate Change Debate between Piers Corbyn and Dr. Jo House

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, on CNN on how he thinks the climate isn’t warming. 2020 ends earth’s warmest 10 years on record China and decarbonisation. Mayor Marvin Rees giving his speech at Climate Change conference in Canada. Piers Corbyn on how man made climate change isn’t happening – www.weatheraction.com High fuel prices – Green tax on fuel. Clean Air Zone coming to Bristol. Piers on clean air zones and carbon trading. Prince Charles and his carbon trading business revealed in Panama Papers. A planned economy needed to deal with environmental issues. 1970s/1980s TV science presenter Dr David Bellamy explains why global warming is nonsense

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