BBC Wage 'War On Truth' in Ukraine Coverage with Disinformation Reporter Marianna Spring (30Apr22)




Published on May 1, 2022

War on truth
The Documentary

What is fake, what is real? BBC disinformation reporter Marianna Spring speaks to people caught up in the battle for the truth in the information war over Ukraine. Families and friendships are being torn apart not only by the fighting, but by the radically different versions of reality that Ukrainians and Russians are being presented with, on TV and online.

And social media has become a battleground for competing versions of truth. It is a fight that is taking place in parallel to the military campaign - but one that also has real consequences for the people caught up in it.

Producer: Ant Adeane
Editor: Ed Main
BBC World Service East and Southern Africa & West and Central Africa only
Saturday 30th April 2022

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