Cancelled Bristol Pro-Palestine Sociology Professor David Miller on Covid, Russophobia & Kissinger




Published on Jul 11, 2022

DEEP STATE WANTS LE CERCLE'S MR VAX, SO REMOVES BORIS? David Miller, former Sociology Professor at Bristol University, who was sacked due to ‘anti-Semitism’, joins Tony and Martin.  The Dark, Fascist Connections Of The UK's Vaccine Minister, Nadhim Zahawi Cost of living crisis and sanctions on Russia.  Nadhim Zahawi set to become new PM?  Nathan Lee, ITV News, doorsteps Nadhim Zahawi.  Suella Braverman, a Tory candidate for PM, on ITV Peston show.  

Special Guest: Cancelled Sociology Professor David Miller - The Dark, Fascist Connections Of The UK's Vaccine Minister, Nadhim Zahawi - Mick Lynch for Prime Minister, A Great Speaker As The Labour Party Fail To Oppose The City Of London - Deep State Establishment Manoeuvrings To Control A Post-Boris UK - The Great Decoupling With Russia - Comparable With The Suez Crisis And The Geopolitical Centre Moving From London To Washington, Now To Beijing And Moscow - James Bond's Cultural Revolution? MI6 Agents Sack UK Professors Who Dare Criticise UK/US Wars - David Miller and other left wing academics targetted by Integrity Initiative - Crooked Prince Charles Cash For Gongs, Gabriel Pogrund investigates, The Big Thing on Times Radio - Georgia Guidestones, 'America's Stonehenge', Which Indicated World Population Should Be Reduced To By 7.5 Billion To 500 Million, Is Blown Up At 4am - NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

Mick Lynch for PM?  His speech at a rally to fight for workers pay and conditions. Prince Charles and cash for Honours fiasco [also covered in depth later].  Blocking of Russian media channels.  David Miller’s show on Press TV – Palestine Declassified.  Murdoch media.  Infiltrators in big and small left wing organisations – secret services and corporate. 

Geoffrey Sachs says Covid engineered in a US lab.  Is it a plandemic?  Biolabs in Ukraine.  Extreme sanctions on Russia forcing world into multi polarity with US in decline.  Mass propaganda against Russia.  Crimes Putin is accused of by West with no real proof.  Jeffrey Sachs Presents Evidence of Possible Lab Origin of Covid-19

THE GREAT DECOUPLING WITH RUSSIA - COMPARABLE WITH THE 1956 SUEZ CRISIS AND THE GEOPOLITICAL CENTRE MOVING FROM LONDON TO WASHINGTON, NOW TO BEIJING AND MOSCOW - The company BlackRock, Inc manages $10 trillion dollars in assets, and as such investors tend to place close attention to the views and opinions of chairman and CEO Larry Fink. Here is what he said in his recent letter to shareholders: “the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades…

Henry Kissinger, now 100 years old, has brought a book out called ‘Leadership’. James Docherty interviews Henry Kissinger for BBC World Service – his role in Vietnam war and the Chilean coup – backtracking on his opinion on Ukraine/ Russia war.  Henry Kissinger: Ukraine Should Give Up Territory to Russia to Reach Peace "Negotiations need to begin in the next two months before it creates upheavals and tensions that will not be easily overcome," he said.

David Miller and other left wing academics targetted by Integrity Initiative.  James le Mesurier, head of the White Helmets, ‘committed suicide’ but evidence would suggest murder.  Narrative Managers in Overdrive After Death of White Helmets Founder - Caitlin Johnstone tackles the lie factory surrounding James Le Mesurier.- By Caitlin Johnstone James Le Mesurier, the founder of the White Helmets, has died. He was found to have plummeted from a height to the street outside his home, and authorities are reportedly calling it a suicide.

Follow David Miller on Twitter at ‘tracking_power’, or at, or donate to to support him in his industrial tribunal.  VIDEO: How UK’s intelligence services target dissident academics Max Blumenthal·July 5, 2022 - Dissident antiwar UK academics Piers Robinson and David Miller describe being targeted by the British intelligence services through media proxies and infiltrators. They examine The Grayzone’s revelations of journalist Paul Mason’s collusion with a top intelligence officer to destroy the careers of “rogue academics” like them.

Zionist attacks on academics - Steven Salaita was offered a tenured post at the University of Illinois in late 2013 and was scheduled to take it up in August 2014. However, in July 2014, Salaita posted many tweets critical of the Zionist killing spree in Gaza in which over 2,000 people died. A cherry-picked selection of these were brought to the attention of the University by the press and Zionist groups. The first attacks came from William Jacobson a law professor at Cornell University who works closely with Zionist groups such as the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA)....

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