George Monbiot demands end to all livestock farming, milk & eggs. Replacement with lab-grown protein




Published on Jul 23, 2022

George Monbiot demands end to all livestock farming, replacement with lab-grown protein

'We are not pollution producers': Dutch farmers block roads in protest against emissions targets

Thousands of farmers gathered in the central Netherlands on Wednesday to protest the Dutch government’s plans to rein in emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia.
They drove their tractors across the country, blocking traffic on major highways in their wake.
The protest was organised earlier this month after the government published nationwide targets for reducing emissions, sparking anger from farmers who claim their livelihoods — and those of thousands of people who work in the agricultural service industry — are on the line.
Calling it an “unavoidable transition,” the government mandated reductions in emissions of up to 70 per cent in many places close to protected nature areas and as high as 95 per cent in other places

Climate activist George Monbiot calls for livestock farming to be abolished

Envriomentalist George Monbiot calls for livestock farming to stop in his new book
Guardian columnist and environmentalist George Monbiot is calling for livestock farming to be stopped as it is a 'phenomenally profligate way' to make food.
In his new book 'Regenesis: Feeding the World Without Devouring the Planet', he suggests the world turns to bacteria foods for protein instead of meat and dairy. Unsurprisingly the author's claims have been met with criticism from farmers who accuse Monbiot of having an ‘anti-rural agenda’.
Monbiot described farming as the ‘most destructive force ever to have been unleashed by humans', and that livestock farmers will not be able to sustainably keep up with global food demand. Instead the world should produce industrial quantities of protein powder using bacteria for foods such as ‘protein pancakes’.
Countryside Alliance chief executive, Tim Bonner, responded: “Without farmers, our countryside risks becoming a wasteland. George Monbiot is welcome to eat sludge manufactured in laboratories to alleviate his hysteria, but the future of a healthy countryside lies in a buoyant domestic market here in the UK for sustainable, grass-fed red meat.”

"Just as we need it most, we have this great gift to the world has turned up in the form of precision fermentation. And this means producing protein and fat by brewing, by multiplying microbes in vats in factories with a tiny fraction of the environmental impact, the land use, a tiny amount of the water use, the nutrient use. You shrink the footprint of that and suddenly you can relieve the planet of the greatest pressure of all which is the huge impact created by the livestock industry but also the vast soya plantations in Brazil and palm oil plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia. A lot of that land can be released from farming and rewilded."

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