Obama's Zionist Legacy, Liberal Complicity in Israel's Crimes, and Russia Insider on the "Jew taboo.


The Antedote


Published on Jan 31, 2018

Greg and Jeremy begin by discussing Obama's recent appearance at a synagogue in which he publicly addressed Israel for the first time since leaving the Presidency, how it signifies Obama's Zionist Legacy, and the convenient timing of the release of a 2005 photo of Obama with Louis Farrakhan. Then we discuss an article by Philip Giraldi which details the depths of "Liberal" Jewish complicity in Israel's crimes and now Jewish "liberals" are everything but when it comes to Israel. We end by analyzing a recent Russia Insider article titled "Its time to drop the Jew taboo," and while this article does good by stating that its goal is to begin a conversation about Jewish power, it ultimately frames the conversation as a war against Vladimir Putin and promotes the "alt right" as the solution to the problem. We explain why this is troublesome.

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