Erik Prince's Israel Ties, Israel and The Left/Right Split, and Trump Chess Theories (Episode 38)

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The Antedote


Published on Dec 18, 2017

Recorded in December 2017

Topics Discussed
Israel and the Left/Right Split (0:00-16:40, 24:07-28:00)
How Obama's Syria Policy Helped Israel (16:40-24:07)
Russia's Role In Rolling Back Syria's Weapons Program (28:00-34:30)
Erik Prince's Israel Ties (34:30-48:20
Trump Chess Theories (48:20-58:20)

-Erik Prince's Business Dealings With Former Netanyahu Chief of Staff Avi Harow:
-Rudy Giuliani Brags of FBI Connections:
-Giuliani Visits Israel On Trump's Behalf as a Cybersecurity Adviser:

Putin's Relationship with Avigdor Lieberman

The Putin Netanyahu Bromance

Neocons and Israel split On Ukraine

Why israel Should Be Worried About Getting Into Bed With Trump

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