Antedote Extra: Is Israel Behind the Effort to Expose Roy Moore's Accusers?


The Antedote


Published on Dec 11, 2017

In this Antedote EXTRA, Greg and Jeremy discuss the significance of Project Veritas receiving funding from Nina Rosenwald of the Gatestone Institute, as well as Breitbart Jerusalem head Aaron Klein being specifically sent to Alabama to dig up dirt on Roy Moore's accusers, and Steve Bannon's comment on Breitbart Radio giving Klein credit for Trump bringing Bill Clinton's accusers to the 2016 Presidential Debate in St Louis. We discuss how this appears to indicate a direct Israeli role in both the engineered takedown of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign as well as efforts to ensure Roy Moore is elected to the Senate, and why Israel might care so much.

-Aaron Klein Credited With Clinton Accusers Appearing at Presidential Debate

-List of Project Veritas Funders

-Nina Rosenwald

-Roy Moore Says George Soros is Headed to Hell

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