Analyzing the Neocon Split and the Need for Critical Dialogue On Trump Putin & Israel (Episode 20)


The Antedote


Published on Jul 16, 2017

Recorded in July 2017

Greg and Jeremy discuss a series of articles which detail the split between Israelis and American Neoconservatives on various foreign policy matters, as well as the increased cooperation between Israel and Russia regarding technology, security, energy, and other areas of geopolitical interest, and how these developments combined with Israel's willingness to affiliate and align with far right Western "populist" movements and governments all indicate that there is a split among American Neoconservatives which has gone almost completely unnoticed, even within the "alternative" media. Then the discussion turns to why critical analysis of Putin, Trump and their significant relationships with powerful Jewish Zionists, particularly Chabad Lubavitch as well as the global Zionist criminal network which falls outside of the Western political establishment, is a must. Serious analysis of these relationships is lacking severely, and no true conversation about Zionism, Jewish power, and elites in general is complete without critically and honestly analyzing these facts.

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