Robert David Steele, Caitlin Johnstone, Controlled Opposition, & the GOP's Right Shift (Episode 23)


The Antedote


Published on Jul 31, 2017

We uploaded Jeremy's Robert David Steele interview to No Lies Radio, so we were able to talk longer than 58 minutes this week!

Recorded in July 2017

In this episode Greg and Jeremy discuss:
-Jeremy's recent interview with Robert David Steele
-The controversy surrounding Caitlin Johnstone and her stated desire to work with right wingers, particularly Mike Cernovich, and why this is about so much more than just ideological differences.
-Peter Beinart's recent article lamenting the GOP's shift to the Right (particularly among Jewish Republicans) and how this shift was used to manipulate public opinion into supporting a hard right Zionist friendly agenda under the guise of nationalism.
-Trump's reluctance to renew the Iran deal and the very real possibility of military action being taken.

Jeremy's Interview with Steele:

Jeremy Interviews Reverend James Lawson:

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