Jerusalem Embassy; Ezra Cohen-Watnick & Michael Ledeen: The Men Behind Flynn (Episode 37)


The Antedote


Published on Dec 11, 2017

Recorded in December 2017
Topics Discussed;
NYC Terror Attack (0:00-5:00)
Trump's Jerusalem Announcement (5:00-25:35)
Michael Flynn (25:35-40:00)
Ezra Cohen Watnick (40:00-52:45)
Michael Ledeen (52:45-end)

-Michael Ledeen

-Ezra Cohen Watnick

-Flynn and Ledeen on Mark Levin's Show

-Flynn worked with Israeli group which used spyware against dissidents

-Michael Ledeen's wife launched 2015 investigation into the Clinton emails

-Ezra Cohen Watnick's Wife worked with the firm responsible for Putin's 2013 New York Times Op-Ed

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