New Europe Radio Episode 6 - Thick Heredetarianism


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Oct 1, 2016

A more robust conception of racism.

This show assumes "thin heredetarianism" - i.e. race differences in full-scale IQ that are largely down to genetic differences. And it builds upon those assumptions.

If you don't agree with that, please don't argue against thin heredetarianism here - I'm going beyond basic "race and IQ" arguments for now.

IQ Nationalism (where thin heredetarianism leads)

- My support for mass Chinese immigration
- Why didn't East Asia lead the world?
- A Dangerous LARP and racially unfair doctrine
- White Nationalism has legs, IQ nationalism doesn't


- Black-white differences
- Underlying factors, test reliability
- "g" factor
- The "tap-out" point or "hitting the wall"
- Change the subtests, change the gap
- This is why "the 15 point gap" doesn't matter

East Asians

- The fear of "white supremacy"
- Europeans have bigger brains
- "g" within groups =/= "g" between groups
- The European-Asian gap is only 4 points in the United States
- FSIQ isn't "evolutionarily weighted" (Coding vs. Block Design on physical brain space)

Other Traits

- "Trait Regression" or "Trait Mountain" (what is "average")
- Anger to pig-headedness (resistance to challenged change)
- Impulsiveness
- Conformity (How it compounds)


- The Environment you create for yourself
- The Environment created for you by genetic similars
- African countries as the truest expression of African genetics, et cetera

Racial Conformity

- Basic idea
- Evidence of it happening: non-white adoptees seeking out parents, non-whites uniformly around whites getting along with their race better
- Evidence of impact: blacks, SES controlled, do worse in more black schools
- Racial Loyalty

Inter-generational regression

- Family regression and functional population-level racial regression
- A mixture of environment and non-additive genetic effects
- Regression of the factor

Civilizational Tendencies

- Thin FSIQ differences
- Subtest differences (differences on IQ itself)
- Underlying factors and "g"
- Trait Mountain: Avoidance of hyper-conformity, openness to reasoned change, avoidance of impulsivity
- The Genetics of Environment
- Racial Conformity and Loyalty
- Inter-generational regression

The Embedded Knowledge of Natural Bigotry

- Non-scientific aversion to "bad smelling" things
- "Don't eat starches you'll get fat"

- "Googles ain't nuthin' but trouble"
- "We're different people, we just don't belong together"

- Stupid overrides (low-fat craze, free trade)

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