An Act of State is an Act of War


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Apr 16, 2013

Response to:

My blanket statement regarding all Bostonians were a bit much, a bit of an emotional reaction.

And so I want to clarify my position, but also escalate it.

EDIT: In the video, it sounded like I would countenance killing SkidRowRadio, when actually he is the type of person who I would NOT countenance killing.

The kinds of people I would support killing are people like CardinalVirtues - people who are heavily anti-secession and authoritarian. And it's not because of his economic or social views, but because of his authoritarianism.

That's it. I dislike communists, but I wouldn't have you killed for being a communist. I'd have you killed for forcing it on others if it were expedient to do so.

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