Donald Trump vs. The La Raza Judge and the GOPc


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Jun 11, 2016

Wherein Trump protests a La Raza member who was appointed by a Hollywood Actor to be a judge judging his case.

Gonzalo is a member of

1. La Raza Lawyer's Association

2. Hispanic National Bar Association

3. Latino Judges Association

4. National Hispanic Prosecutors Association

He was a lawyer who movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger thought would make him a good judge.

GOP cucks (including Ted Cruz) are triangulating against Trump saying that Trump attacked him for simply being Mexican, and are pushing hard the thought-stopping line that Gonzalo is "indiana-born".

Sorry, he's not a member of the Indianan Lawyer's Association, the National Indiana Bar Association, the Indiana-born Judges Association or the National Indianan Prosecutors Association. He's a member of The (Latino) Race organizations.

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