Response to Stardusk on Race


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on May 12, 2016

Response to this:

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Some Custody Polls
1:52 - Election Results / Fst distances
3:42 - IQ differences
7:19 - The Insignificance of the Gap
11:48 - Regression to the Mean
15:02 - Race and Political Views
18:30 - Reification of White Identity
20:27 - Individualism
25:01 - Diversity

--- Custody Polls: Fathers Day and Parental Roles.pdf

--- Voting Differences:

Race Compared to Family and Gender:

--- Sex Differences in IQ:

Wiki page -

Differences appear to be on visual-spatial -

--- Agriculture and Evolution:

--- The "War on Murder" in Europe where murderers were systematically removed from the breeding population via draconian laws against violence:

--- Owen's South Africa Study:

--- A book worth reading not for any modern data, but for concepts:

--- Regression to the Mean:

--- Description of Subtest regression to the mean:

--- Heritability of Political Views:

--- Race Differences in Poiltical Views:

Diversity and Social Cohesion:

Fiscal Impact of Races:

Race Differences in Dating:

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