Vernaculis on Race and Political Views


The Alternative Hypothesis


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Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro

0:50 - Sources

2:00 - Heritability of Political Views

3:24 - "Race Genes"

5:37 - Individualism Genes

7:26 - A stilted conception of genetic groups and primitive non-understanding of heritability

10:29 - Bizarre demand for specificity (what's the heritability that your favorite TV show is Spongebob?)

13:04 - Heritability and age

16:01 - The Heritability of Mental Traits (Put down Aristotle and the old environmental mysticism and step into the light of data!)


Existence of Race:

Heritability of Political Views:

GWAS on Political Views:

Population Differences in Individualism:

Heritability with age:

Heritability of Psychological Traits:

Race and IQ Series:

Race and Political Views:

Race and Voting:

3 Laws of Behavioral Genetics:

General Heritability of IQ:

(Yes, IMO wikipedia did a good job on that specific thing because I think "the left" has come to terms with the high heritability of intelligence within populations.)

Surveys on Intelligence Researchers on Intelligence:

2013 Survey that asked about the black-white IQ gap:

(On page 16. The pie chart is of the 1984 survey, the table is of the 2013 survey.)

2016 Paper on more PC Surveys:

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