The Non-Genocide of Northern Native Americans


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Jun 2, 2016

Based on this article (with sources):

Data on the 1500 population and the 1853 population shows that that North American Native population declined by 0.22% per year off of the initial number of 2 million down to 400,000.

This doesn't seem like a genocide. And while you can point to specific episodes of massacres, the fact that the population decline was so gradual, and the fact that lineages were not destroyed at the same rate as the population decline (as inferred from mtDNA analyses) is evidence that outright massacres played a negligible role in the population reduction, and that the chief culprit was probably disease, then for North Americans an extremely high rate of intermarriage.

The point is not to argue the morality or right to the land, that's a separate topic. The point of this video / article is that the Native Americans of NORTH America were not genocided.

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