RamZPaul: "Sex and Nationalism"


American Renaissance


Published on Sep 16, 2017

The 2013 American Renaissance Conference.

RamZPaul is a YouTube blogger who pokes irreverent fun at the foolishness of our times. In this talk, peppered with jokes, he discusses how feminism and multi-racialism contribute to the decline of our country. “We are being replaced and displaced,” he says, and our country has become “a land of the racial spoils system and conflict of all kinds.”

Feminism and the sexual revolution have also brought us unprecedented problems. Now, nearly 60 percent of college students are women. Women still prefer to marry men who are better educated or at least smarter than they, but many of these women will never find a suitable mate and will never have children. At the same time, the sexual revolution now means we have people who suffer from syphilis, gonorrhea, and AIDS–people this presenter calls “incurable romantics.”

Marriage is breaking down, in part because it has become risky for men to marry. If they divorce, they lose their assets and their children. “Marriage is like poker,” he says. “You start out holding hands and end up in financial ruin.” At the same time, as smart women go into careers and become more choosy about their mates, it means that even if they do have children, they have them late in life and have only one or two. It is the dim women, who do not plan ahead, who are proliferating.

Nevertheless, RamZPaul remains optimistic. At least among whites, it is conservatives who are now having more children and the worst of the self-hating liberals may go extinct: “If you hate your race and you hate your sex, why would a white woman want to have sex with you to make more hateful babies?”

RamZPaul reports that more people are speaking out all the time, and that the PC folk are desperate. So many people are now “haters” and “racists” that the words hardly mean anything. “The country is lost, but the nation is still there,” and the nation could reassert itself with surprising force and speed.

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