Martin Lichtmesz: "Nationalist Movements in Austria and Germany"


American Renaissance


Published on Aug 21, 2017

The 2017 American Renaissance Conference: "Turning the Tide."

Martin Lichtmesz of the German New Right paints a comprehensive picture of rising nationalist movements in Austria and Germany. He notes that, just as in the United States, Europe is so divided that some say it is in a state of “pre-Civil War.” Indeed, some leftists welcome civil war, in the hope that globalists will crush nationalists and establish a “Republic of Europe.”

It is in opposition to this nightmare vision that nationalist, patriotic movements have arisen in the German-speaking world: PEGIDA, Alternative fur Deutchland, the Austrian Freedom Party, etc. All such groups speak in the name of “the people” or “the folk” because the people have been betrayed by their rulers. PEGIDA’s slogan was nothing less than “We are the people.” This terrifies the elites because, as Mr. Lightmesz notes, “there is nothing they hate more than the concept of folk, the idea of a people united.” Angela Merkel has tried to defuse this idea by claiming that, in Germany, “‘the people’ is everyone who lives in this country.”

Some of these movements have been started by people with little political or organizational experience, and have collapsed. However, nationalists are learning from their mistakes, and Identitarians have emerged as the best-led and best-organized patriotic movements.

They have specialized in highly photogenic “pranks” such as hanging giant, patriotic banners from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin or occupying mosques. Their moving video, “A Declaration of War,” became a YouTube sensation and has inspired activists around the world.

Mr. Lichtmesz concludes with a ringing declaration of the need for all Europeans to set aside the petty nationalisms of the past and to unite in defense of their common civilization.


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