Jared Taylor - "Has the White Man Turned the Corner?"


American Renaissance


Published on Aug 9, 2017

The 2017 American Renaissance Conference: "Turning the Tide."

Jared Taylor begins by saying that during his first 25 years of white advocacy, there was so little progress he sometimes felt he was just leaving a record. As the great Frenchman Guillaume Faye said 17 years ago, “There are some things that must be said so that future generations will know that at least some of us were aware, and that our generation was not entirely composed of cowards and fools.”

“Things are different now,” says Mr. Taylor, “We have a real, fighting chance.” He compares the conflict between globalism and identitarianism to the grinding together of tectonic plates. “And you know happens when plates collide: earthquakes.”

“Egalitarianism is in crisis,” Mr. Taylor says, and in a crisis, foolish people do what they have always done—only more desperately. He gives many examples of increasingly outrageous egalitarian measures, noting that more and more white Americans mock their absurdity. He contrasted this with the energy and creativity of the movement represented by the people at the conference.

Mr. Taylor says he takes inspiration from Eastern European regimes, where heads of state and elected leaders “are just one step short of saying explicitly that Europe must remain white.” He notes that there have been disappointing election results in Western Europe, but adds that “this means only that it will be a long fight.” He ends on a martial note: “We are in a battle for our lives. We are all soldiers in this titanic battle. And we will win!”

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