Sam Dickson: "Through a Glass Darkly"


American Renaissance


Published on Aug 9, 2017

The 2017 American Renaissance Conference: "Turning the Tide."

Sam Dickson speaks of what will come after the collapse of the current egalitarian order.

Quoting the Bible, he says we see only “through a glass darkly” because we can never know history’s next turn—but history can be our guide. He gives examples of historical turning points, including the genocide of the Armenians as the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Christian Armenians had lived patiently under Islamic rule, tolerating small injustices and moderate oppression. This assured survival until the First World War upset the equilibrium, and racial/religious tensions exploded into massacre.

White Americans are like the Armenians of a century ago. We have long tolerated crime and held our tongues in the face of hostile media and politicians. But as the whites in South Africa discovered, a sudden escalation of racial animus can threaten a people’s survival. The 2016 election gave us a hint of this. Violence against Trump supporters, calls for violence against Trump himself, and the blasé media response to this are signs of dangers ahead.

“There will be a collapse at some point,” Mr. Dickson says. It could come from military overreach, financial ruin, race war, or any combination of these. He adds that the collapse “does not have to be a bloody affair; it does not have to be dramatic.” He expresses the hope that it will be like the peaceful partition of the USSR rather than the American Civil War. He concludes by noting that with a future certain to be both uncertain and turbulent, we must be prepared for anything, but must keep our eyes fixed on the goal of securing a homeland for our people.


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