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Published on Sep 16, 2017

The 2013 American Renaissance Conference.

Fabrice Robert, the leader of one of the most dynamic nationalist movements in Europe today, the Bloc Identitaire (Identitarian Bloc) here speaks on the awakening of Europe. He points out that traditionally French and Americans have had a prickly relationship but it is different for us: “We agree on a fundamental reality: We are whites, with common problems. We must fight our demographic decline and our substitution in our ancestral lands by Third-World people.”

Mr. Robert says that the identitarian movement was born in 2002. Though it has put up candidates in local elections, its greatest successes have been street actions. The Bloc Identitaire burst into the national headlines in 2003 when it began distributing free food to Paris street people. Most are Arabs and Africans, but the bloc wanted to help needy Frenchmen. It hit upon the idea of distributing pork soup. Pork is cheap and thoroughly French—and considered unclean by Muslims. This put the authorities in such a frenzy that the police actually forbade the distribution of free food! It was “racist” food if Muslims could not eat it.

The bloc has also publicized the fact that parts of Paris and other French cities are taken over by Muslims for prayers. They illegally block traffic, lay rugs in the streets, and turn entire neighborhoods into outdoor mosques. The mainstream press refused to report this, but by filming and publicizing these activities, the bloc persuaded the authorities to stop these illegal takeovers.

The bloc’s most recent success was the occupation of the Poitiers mosque last October. Poitiers is where Charles Martel turned back the Moors in 732 at what Americans call the Battle of Tours. The bloc was outraged to learn that a huge mosque was under construction in a place sacred to the defense of the West. It sent 100 activists to occupy the construction site at 6:00 in the morning. By 9:00 a.m. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault was already denouncing this “act of racism.” The occupation lasted six hours, raising the bloc’s profile worldwide, and inspiring thousands of new members.

Mr. Robert concludes with these words: “We are sons of the same matrix: Europe. We are brothers of the same people, the European people. There will be no future, for us or for you, unless we stand together proud, united, and prepared to fight.”

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