Jared Taylor: “Report From the Trenches”


American Renaissance


Published on Sep 16, 2017

The 2013 American Renaissance Conference.

Jared Taylor speaks of how the most basic and ancient distinctions between people have been crushed by relentless egalitarianism. He says that the rot began with race, with the assumption that race was superficial and meaningless. However, since then the egalitarian juggernaut has tried to obliterate distinctions between men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals, welfare spongers and productive tax-payers. Mr. Taylor also mentions Marian Wright Edelman’s denunciation of the need to “distinguish between our own children and other people’s children.” Even the love parents show their children is bigotry because it is a form of discrimination. Mr. Taylor predicts that the next target could be distinctions between citizens and foreigners. After all, we are all citizens of the world, so why not let anyone run for office and vote and American elections?

Thus there are now many subjects—not just race—on which Americans may no longer dissent. Lawrence Summers was forced out of his job as president of Harvard for suggesting that the female and male minds are not identical. School teachers can be put on administrative leave for saying they think men should not marry each other.

We must recognize, says Mr. Taylor, that this is not our country and this is not our government. The federal government, which is engineering our displacement, has become the greatest enemy our people have ever faced. A government that is permitting Mexico slowly to invade and conquer the United States is, by any standard, a government of traitors.

Mr. Taylor emphasizes that we, like all people, have the right to a homeland, but it is probably too late to reclaim the United States. He concludes that we must think in terms of secession and local community-building. There is no guarantee of success, he says, but we have an obligation to our ancestors and a duty to our children to fight to the last breath for the preservation of our people and civilization.

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