Ann Coulter: Why You No Longer Recognize Your Country (6-12-20)


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Published on Jun 12, 2020

00:00 Youtube distorts reality to fit its left-wing agenda
01:00 Youtube won't permit any airing of Dave Chapelle's 2003 sketch on Reparations Day
07:00 Dex Quire joins, discusses on Seattle's autonomous zone
15:00 Mike joins
1:04:00 Ann Coulter on Mark Simone
1:35:00 ADL Says Jewish Nationalism Is Inviolable
1:51:00 LAT: Opinion: Trump’s Tulsa rally on Juneteenth sends a clear and offensive message
1:55:00 Forward: America’s Jewish institutions were failing. Coronavirus hastened their demise.,,,
2:08:30 Tucker Carlson renaming military bases
3:02:00 Why all these sign language interpreters when we have closed captioning?
The Holocaust in American Life by David Novick,,
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