The Worth Of Human Life In the Age Of Coronavirus II (5-25-20)


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Published on May 25, 2020

00:00 How do you weigh the worth of a life? In economic terms? In spiritual terms?
19:00 Ramzpaul: Capital Research Center fires Ashley Goldenberg based on a smear from a Left wing extremist group.,
33:10 Gandalf joins to discuss,
49:30 Stanford Professor and Nobel Prize Winner Explains this Viral Lockdown,
1:14:00 Daniel Schmachtenberger on The Portal (with host Eric Weinstein),
1:20:30 Everything young men need to know about women -- the crazy hot matrix,
1:25:00 When Your Student Writes a Story About Having Sex with You - Amy Silverberg - Stand-Up Featuring,
1:28:00 Coronavirus Horse Race,
1:32:20 Tarana Burke, the founder of "Me Too," talks about why she started the movement and her regrets,
1:37:20 Rabbi: "The Entire Cash Advance Industry Is Comprised Mainly of [Jews]",
1:43:15 Vaush, "DEBATE ME Bro", and Dankula's Magical Mock Trial,
Steve Sailer: How Many Quality-Adjusted Life Years Is Coronavirus Costing Us?,

The path to recovery,

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