The Funniest Story Never Told (6-5-20)


Luke Ford Livestreams


Published on Jun 5, 2020

00:00 Gday, gday
03:00 James O'Keefe exposes antifa
06:00 Rehoming Kyle
08:30 Retired English vicar, 81, who married Romanian toyboy, 27, dies alone in hospital
14:00 Hillary Clinton, George Soros - Trump... will disappear in 2020,
17:00 WWII's Signal magazine,
46:00 Police Racism: A Manufactured Crisis
54:00 How to say what you believe without offending people
1:21:00 Critiquing The Cofnas Critique Of Culture Of Critique,, streamed March 18, 2018, A Critical Analysis of Kevin MacDonald’s Theory,
1:59:40 Tucker Carlson
3:01:30 Andy Ngo on antifa

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