Seven Lessons From The George Floyd Riots (6-7-20)


Luke Ford Livestreams


Published on Jun 7, 2020

00:00 New comic, Pete Drysdale,
09:00 Compulsive Viewing by Gerald Stone
16:00 Seven lessons from the George Floyd riots
21:00 Bad Education (2019)
24:30 Protesters arrested days later at their homes
38:20 Alison Armstrong talks about male-female differences with regard to the pandemic
51:50 Dooovid joins
1:05:00 Gandalf joins
1:54:00 Doomscrolling,
3:15:30 Michael Shermer with Hugo Mercier — The Science of Who We Trust and What We Believe,
3:50:30 Retired Jacksonville-area Navy captain apologizes after racial slurs aired on Facebook,
4:00:20 Ross Douthat’s Decadent Society, Israel's rising birth rate,

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