America Under Siege (6-2-20)


Luke Ford Livestreams


Published on Jun 5, 2020

00:00 Police under pressure
01:30 Corporations supporting the protests support the riots and looting
2:00 What's Trump's strategy?
06:30 Tucker Carlson on the riots
10:00 Reb Dooovid joins
14:00 ​Kristallnacht
17:00 Rodney Martin joins
43:00 Colin Liddell joins
2:00:00 Ashkenazi Jews in construction
2:20:00 R. Norman Lamm dies
2:38:00 RS on the path forward,
2:40:00 Charles Barkley says blacks need cops
2:41:50 Scott Adams on George Floyd, riots, antifa as domestic terrorists,
3:01:30 Tucker Carlson commentary

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