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The Great Amazon Coronavirus Grift - a Fakes, Frauds, Fruitcakes and Flimflammers short review


Anxious Aussie


Published on Jul 16, 2020

G'day g'day ... let me introduce you to 'author' Stephen Wells ... well sort of XD there is much more to come in later FFF&F reviews. I am really tired of people trying to make a buck out of the corona virus - whether that is $10 or $10billion. I think his reaction at the end (which kinda mirrors Dr Kaufman's on Billy Valentine's show) is pretty telling ... when you have to resort to bullshit and bluster you have lost.
There is a well known, simple way to make a few bucks. Write a short book or 3 or 12, give it a snappy title and summary and bang it up on whatever platform will sell it for you digitally or print to order - the actual contents are not particularly important for sales. In this case the book is a mash of well documented theories, conflated or misinterpreted facts and down right lies. And this guy (along with a few others) has been grifting his butt off spouting as much trash as fact on any Aussie channel that will have him.

I spent a few weeks trying to get anyone who had interviewed him, who was promoting him or when I saw him live asking myself via chat about numerous facts and claims he makes over and over and over. This video contains a few extracts. Also asked why he didnt not correct some of these when editing the 2nd time.

I am sorry I havent gone live... the house is a bit nutty and noisy right now. Might try and fit one in soon though as the material is mounting up.

My official review - Falsely promoted under the premise Stephen Well’s ummm book was “banned by Amazon” – deliberately mislead audiences about the Amazon “ban” to increase sales claiming this meant it must be “dangerous truth” when in fact 1000s of books were removed before, during and after including cookbooks and poetry AND all Mr Well’s needed to do was email Amazon and his book could have been reinstated like 1000s of other. Book is a poorly editing mash of cut and paste from mainstream media and conspiracy sites. Data is flagrantly & blatantly misrepresented throughout. The majority of references are missing with many references to alleged comments and research but in the majority cases no way to confidently verify whether emotively paraphrased statements are contextually quoted. Many assertions are blatantly incorrect, in some cases proof of such is presented within his own “book”. also note digital price is 20+% more through this POS. Falsely advertised and a waste of time and money. Surprising as The Unshackled prides itself on its fact checking and has completely misrepresented this in broadcast and print.

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