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☆Canberra Extremist Group Socialist Alternative Fail to Scare Smoke Away with Chants & Rhetoric☆


Anxious Aussie


Published on Dec 20, 2019

Although advertised as being run by Students for Climate Action we saw the same group speaking at this one as all the previous Extinction Rebellion protests ie it was really controlled, as always, by the far left group Socialist Alternative as can be seen on the lead banner for their march through the air-conditioned malls.

Light on numbers this may be due to a change in the start time a few days out or perhaps most decided it was too hot n muggy to be bothered with climate justice.

No solutions were offered up and none of them plan to take action themselves in any way ... they just want the Government to stop the smoke, buy every house an air purifier and stop exporting coal 🤪🤣

This is the entire protest against smoke - that started late and finished early (imagine my shock) - was as superficial and alarmist as expected...

#ClimateHoax #climateclowns #SocialistAlternative #UsefulIdiots #auspol

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