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Uh oh - wonder what they will call extremist content??


Anxious Aussie


Published on Mar 25, 2019

Are we really all falling for this? While our speech is slowly but surely strangled & our right to explore, investigate and educate ourselves is being limited and controlled more and more each day it seems... those few pollies we look to for common sense are poking and disavowing each other for no reason but to appease a few screaming lefties... they actually agree on the vast majority of issues, if not the necessary solutions.
Do we have a right to express an opinion anymore or does/will the risk of "losing everything" stifle freedom of expression? Well we already know it does but the government are looking to make it official with yet another case of a department sacking for online opinion - in this case anonymous opinion...

"If an employee posts anonymous comments on social media, can an employer who later finds out the identity of the employee, use these posts as grounds for dismissal?

"Secondly, is an employment contract or policy that requires a worker to behave 'at all times', in regard to their employer's interests, appropriate and legitimate?"

Are conservative parties going to eat themselves alive rather than uniting for Australians?? Will the enormous untruths being pushed by MSM and politicians in the wake of the NZ Massacre enable even more thought and speech control to be inflicted on the public or will this be the catalyst that finally gets then to question the narratives they are so fast to push these days...

Surely even the most left wing have to see the agenda being jammed down our throats by the likes of the Greens, Koshie and his ilk, and the rest of the globalist, classist network actively working to bring about a totalitarian globalist state.

Pauline had one thing spot on... trying to shut down Anning will just wake more people to his REAL messages... the rest of the conservative and rw need to start trying to cooperate instead of handing Australia to the UN on a red, green and blue platter at the next election!!

Sources - Sunrise, Guardian, ABC

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