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Published on Dec 17, 2017

Seems McKee's games are nothing new! so far none of his statements of fact re case law have turned out to be true... he is part of the problem not the solution... and just like his accusations against this man NOTHING he says should be believed!

Published on 25 Mar 2016
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZXUbh_kITc (original upload)

I have been harassed, cyber-bullied, libeled, threatened for over a month starting early Feb 2016. My YT channel was also tampered with to delete an entire thread containing this criminal's comments (you'll see this in the vid). Please copy this text off to a safe place and mirror this vid if you can/will as I'm sure Luke will magically once again hack my channel and delete this video as he did other data on my channel.

This video will prove that Luke McKee (www.youtube.com/user/hojuruku), formerly living in New South Wales, has committed libel, impersonating other YT accounts, harassment, bullying, threatening, veiled death threats and hacking my YT channel and deleting data from it (as well as likely knowing my email address and other info hidden in the database that only someone working as a programmer at YouTube would have access to).

Watch the video and share with everyone you know, please. If you know the whereabouts of Luke McKee, please let the proper authorities know.

An English story on the Jeju drama. http://thethreewisemonkeys.com/2012/03/12/paradise-lost-teaching-english-on-jeju-island/

I already know about his father, Geoff A. McKee, his home address, email, phone number... it's all easily found using a whois by network solutions as well as published by Luke himself ( a link to his father's scribd acct). A quick online search will reveal these. I need not post them here.

Luke has been doing this for years and I spent about an hour tracking the anonymous troll accounts back to him. He can delete all his old comments and even OTHER people's comments as you'll see in the vid but he cannot delete the screenshots, screencapture vids and YT email notifications all date and time-stamped. That would be quite a trick to delete that from a CD-R sitting on my bookshelf.

Some links and info you may find useful.

https://www.facebook.com/Luke-McKee-i... (removed)



Sydney, AU police dept (calling from US using country code 61)

011 61 2 8303 5199

Google phone number: +1-650-253-0000

Email to report abuse ref IP address range: network-abuse@google.com

IP addresses Luke used (3 of them I captured but he likely has others and is possibly using various tactics to mask his true IP but oddly, 2 of these resolve to Mountain View, California - Google's headquarters.) (Mountain View, Calif)
hostname: rate-limited-proxy-72-14-199-77.google.com
ISP: Google, organization: Google (Mountain View, Calif) (Porirua, Wellington (G2), New Zealand),hostname (222-152-210-68.jetstream.xtra.co.nz)
city - Porirua. organization: Spark New Zealand 5024 (zip)

Interesting as well that his 3rd IP is in NZ and Luke was living in New South Wales AND NZ until he fled into hiding.

Luke's YT channel - youtube.com/user/hojuruku

Sock accts Luke has used to commit cyber crimes against me and others:

SkidMark9531 (He closed it between May 20 and 23 once he knew the jig was up)

Mark9531 this is another YT user he stole the name from to confuse people. He steals names from people he argues with such as Brian Hyde and Daniel Purifoy.

Here's likely the site where he got his Mark9531 icon pic from - http://radarfs.blogspot.com/2011/02/p...

Keep in mind, he's gone and deleted most if not all of these channels and altered the URLS/names/and I have proof of this in the vid. He's made an old channel of his not closed but non-existant! Only tampering with the database could that happen. I should know, I taught CIS in college for almost 3 years and have a degree in computer science.

Eyesareseeable Earsarehearable - he changed this back to Mark9531 (somehow and I have proof in a GIF image of his OLD name (eyes) under his new one!
TSurgeBoyGroomers - (deleted)
Truthsurge Senior
AtheistMutt - (deleted or changed name)
SurginaAthelise - (deleted or changed name)
Surgina Athelise
Lostatheistsouldiers - (deleted or changed name)
Daniel Purifoy - (He closed it between May 20 and 23)
Daniel Purfersboys - (deleted or he changed the name)
LightBearer - (deleted it)

Used to also be Gorilla Monsoon, muslimwhacker and probably 100 more. Many of his YT and online accts have been terminated due to him violating TOS. Facebook, YT, you name it. Just do your own search and see what the old Internet remembers. Unfortunately, criminals are now able to delete data AND request date to be hidden by search engine companies.

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