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Published on May 30, 2018

G'day everyone... Liberal Nationals Party senator Barry O'Sullivan put forth a pretty hard question with someone guaranteed to jump straight to accusations of intolerance and hate. Rice, who is married to a transgender woman, is pretty good at displaying the intolerance she purports to despise... so this was an uncomfortable exchange so apart from a few silly highlights I left this mostly alone and I will pop some links below to some things we will look at in part 2... I real trouble finding a hair style that worked on O'Sullivan and I don't think the lip colour works.
there should be regard to everyone REGARDLESS, which means compromise and actual civil discussion...

further comment from Rice... - see how I go for time but these are the ACTs version of the guidelines eg Gender transition – A process undertaken by some
transgender people to live in accordance with their gender
identity. This may, or MAY NOT, include social aspects (e.g.
changing the way they dress, their hairstyle, the pronouns
they use to refer to themselves or prefer people to use when
referring to them), legal aspects (e.g. changing their name
or legal sex on documents), or medical aspects (hormonal
or surgical procedures).

Interesting little study... and honest about its limitations

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