AAC - Yellow Vest Protests To Begin In Australia


Anxious Aussie


Published on Jan 17, 2019

The Australian Yellow Vest movement is gaining momentum and set for it's first major national action THIS SATURDAY.
Have YOU got your vest yet??

Anxious Aussie Commentary will cover the ACT event outside Parliament House (and wear our own yellow vests) although I had seriously considered travelling to the Sydney one I am sure it will have plenty of cameras running... join us on facebook.com/Anirtak76 or stream.me/Anirtak76 for livestreaming from Canberra. (still waiting for most recent strike to lift XD) I am not an organiser merely an enthusiastic attendee...


"Yellow Jackets Australia is a group for all people willing to stand in solidarity for the National interests of our country.
To protect our way of life and not become a United Nations Global puppet.
We will stand together to retain our Sovereignty and not allow our government to sign it away. We say who and who should not enter our country, not the United Nations.
If you wish to uphold the freedoms and traditional values of our Nation and values that our diggers gave their all for, then please join us.
The French citizens have shown us the way, now it's up to us to continue this movement, to protect our Sovereignty and our way of life..."

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