Composed Animals


Pravda Report


Published on Apr 25, 2013
Mutated Mammal Photography In 'Composed Animals,' Fredrik Odman Creates New Creatures Swedish photographer Fredrik Ödman has a true artistic eye for creating harmonious images; he's morphed everyday animals into what he has called "Composed Animals." The image collection is computer generated from Ödman's imaginative sketches. The setting he used placed the morphed animals in taxidermic poses and museum settings. The creatures themselves retain their most recognizable traits, such as a swan's graceful neck and a bunny's cottontail. The art shows the intricate uniqueness of each different body part taken, which when combined, makes the collection extraordinary. The Fredrik Ödman Composed Animals images are weird, but they're also beautiful and poetic. Fredrik Ödman also demonstrates an imagination that is not commonly found, which is evident throughout this series.

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