Lentil. Puppy with a cleft palate becomes an internet sensation


Pravda Report


Published on Apr 25, 2013


An abandoned puppy with a cleft palate has become an internet sensation after his foster owner made him a facebook page. Named Lentil, the tiny French bulldog was born with the severe condition, which makes it very difficult for him to eat or breathe. Lentil's sister, Edamame was also born with the deformity but she died soon after birth. Because of his disfigurement Lentil's breeder gave the puppy up, and but he was saved by the French Bulldog Rescue Network in New Jersey, USA. The adorable creature was then temporarily adopted by Lindsay Condefer, 34, who is lovingly nursing him back to health. The pup has to be fed through a tube and will later need extensive surgery to keep him alive. "Every day is a blessing for Lentil," said Lindsay, whose Facebook page for the pooch gained 13,000 likes in just a few weeks.
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