The rider has to balance precariously inside the wheel


Pravda Report


Published on Apr 25, 2013

Mechanic Kerry McLean admits he may have a screw loose and his bikes are definitely missing a wheel.
After 30 years of hard work in his back-yard workshop, McLean has won a place in the Guinness Book of Records - for achieving the fastest land speed on a monocycle.
The leather-wearing, tattooed biker wows the crowds at cycle shows with his unique range of motorcycles.
Instead of sitting astride these machines, the rider has to balance precariously inside the wheel, where they can race at speeds of nearly 50mph. Kerry, a father-of-two, admits people think he is an eccentric with and flame emblazoned helmets. And he accepts he will never make a career from his crazy invention. But he says he is not interested in making a fortune. The Michigan-based biker said: "It's not about the money - I just love the machines. The noise they make, the wind running through my hair. There is nothing like it. "Bikes have been my hobby ever since I was a teenager. And I wanted to make something distinctive. "I was sitting looking at a unicycle one day and it struck me that the design could be totally changed to allow a motorized ride.

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