Kenyan Boys Forced to Become Gigolos for European Women


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Published on Mar 23, 2022

The film reveals how poverty and few jobs drive young men in Kenya to become gigolos for older European women.
Poor education is another reason why young men are forced into entering physical relationships. They can’t leave as they aren’t qualified to get a decent job. Nay boys claim they were underaged when older women from Germany, Switzerland, and other countries approached them.

Like young girls in the same position, the boys soon grow up and stop being “eligible” for entertaining tourists. So they try to get as much as they can while it is still possible. For example, Ali Salim Mwakupigwa had an affair with a German woman when he was already married and had children. But he says his wife is not jealous because she understands it’s the only way to survive and keep their children fed.
The nonprofits and volunteers who work in Kenya are doing their best to educate children by building schools. This is the only way to ensure they will not pick up foreign tourists at the beach and change their way of thinking. They organise schools and even feed the students because promises of food attract more kids. For many of them, a school dinner is the only meal of the day.

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