I am Hacked. Episode 2: How to Keep your Money away from Hackers


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Published on Mar 17, 2022

People all over the world are using mobile payments and credit cards more often. Buying a new coat for the winter, ordering pizza for dinner, booking a trip - your everyday transactions don’t require cash anymore. Mobile payments and cards are easy and accepted almost everywhere.

At the same time, the proliferation of online payments is fuelling the rise of scams. Real-world criminals have moved to cyberspace - it’s harder to catch them online and earnings are bigger. In Russia alone, scammers stole $91 million from bank accounts in 2020. Most of it was stolen with the help of social engineering.

Scamming tricks have become increasingly sophisticated, but they are built around human error. An unsuspecting victims compromise their private data by visiting a fake website or downloading a malware document. Social engineering methods typically include manipulation, deception and influence. People and companies alike become victim of scams.

Delve into the world of online scamming in the new episode of, I am Hacked - don’t let clever hackers fool you! Information security experts, hackers and their victims share their insights on how to stay ahead of cybercriminals and recognise the most common tricks. Explore the latest scams you need to be aware of and find out how big companies deal with security vulnerabilities.