The TikTok Professor. How a 70 year old goes viral on TikTok


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Published on Mar 18, 2022

How a 70-year-old goes viral on TikTok.
Nikolay Milovanov is 70 and he’s taking TikTok by storm with fun videos about… maths and physics! He can help you remember how many radians there are in a straight angle. The viral video about angles attracted over 2 million views.

Nikolay is a maths and physics tutor and he’s convinced that studying can be fun. 'If a lesson is boring, it isn’t absorbed as well'. His TikTok followers agree, saying they wish they’d had a teacher like Nikolay at school. The TikTok teacher believes that thinking outside the box and ditching academic stereotypes produce better results.

Watch Nikolay’s inspiring story about shooting viral videos that inspire students to enjoy maths and physics.

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