Inside TikTok House: Life and art of a blogger commune


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Published on Mar 18, 2022

TikTok House is a glance inside the blogger commune who live together and generate collective content. They all come from different backgrounds: German, the producer of the Moscow XO TikTok House, had an occasional role in the movies, Tim was an aspiring singer, Sasha was on her way to becoming a director. Others, like Valentina, already had steady jobs but decided to reinvent themselves. They used to shoot videos for YouTube, and joining a TikTok House nearby was an excellent chance for them to raise their profile.

Both XO House in Moscow and Yourta House in Yakutia make reality shows. As a result, they have become popular with subscribers, as they are very eager to see more of what the life of the bloggers looks like. Igor started looking into the idea of a TikTok House after he had downloaded the social media app out of boredom during the pandemic lockdown. He says many people are convinced bloggers at TikTok Houses are flush with cash, but in reality, things are pretty different. However, he doesn’t completely dismiss the idea of taking up a “real” job after his reality show ends.

What does the life of a TikTok House resident genuinely look like? Watch the documentary and get insider knowledge firsthand!

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