Our Big Russian Family


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Published on Mar 18, 2022

The Our Big Russian Family film tells about the Falin couple who have fostered 30 children. They take up complex cases, kids from dysfunctional families, kids whose mothers are in jail and do their best to give them a safe, warm home.

Alyona was one of the girls who found a home with the Falins. She had attachment disorder and couldn’t get along with any foster families. She was brought back six times, which only added to her trauma. Finally, the Falins decided they would do their best to help Alena adjust. They ignored her manipulations and treated her with love no matter how hard she tested them, and finally, they managed to gain her trust.

Sasha was a young Nigerian boy whose mother got in jail, and he risked becoming a ward of the state but ended up in the care of the Falins. He loved Tatyana and Artyom so much that even when his mom got out and returned to Nigeria, he missed his Russian family. They are even considering moving to Russia.

The Falin family have been fostering kids since 2003. They say kids walk right up to them in the middle of the street. This is how they met their first two girls and a boy.

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