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 Created Jun 21, 2015
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White Warrior

Today we live under an jews Order. It is a sick, degenerate system of rat-race materialism, self-fixation, drugs, pollution, miscegenation, filth, chaos, corruption and insanity.It is a way of alienation—and Death. But there is a better way, a way of Life. That way calls for a rebirth of racial idealism and reverence for the eternal laws of Nature. It involves a new awareness, a new faith, a new way of life—a National-Socialism Order. ''…National Socialism is infinitely more than a mere political creed; the fact is that it is a way of life, a faith in the fullest sense of the word...''—Savitri Devi, Pilgrimage. ''The prerequisite for action is the will and the courage to be truthful.''—Adolf Hitler.