Skinheadism are not Hitlerism! (Skinheads Idiotism comparison with National-Socialism)


White Warrior


Published on Jun 24, 2015

Do not confuse National-Socialists with empty headed skinheads, KKK members or other movements who use the Swastika as their symbol. Shinheads ideology are Hollywood Nazism,which is the broad collective term for various phenomena that have appeared in many nationalist movements around the world since the late 1950s, and which are characterized by being more strongly influenced by the image of "nazism" as portrayed by the Jewish controlled media, particularly Hollywood, than by the actual ideology of National Socialism. Fiction has influenced real life and Hollywood propaganda has fed into real life Bagel "Nazi" groups, especially those associated with the so-called "neo-nazi" subculture. A Hollywood Nazi is a person who claims to be a National Socialist but copies the characters found in Hollywood movies instead of learning and following the original ideology. Recomend to eweryone read this wery intresting text: Sieg heil!