Euromaidan''Nazis''-jews puppets!


White Warrior


Published on Jun 30, 2015

IT IS NOW APPARENT that the "Maidan protests" in Kiev were, in actuality, a Washington-organized coup against the elected democratic government. The purpose of the coup is to put NATO military bases on Ukraine's border with Russia and to impose an IMF austerity program that serves as cover for Western financial interests to loot the country.

Undoubtably, having in mind our essentially negative position towards the so-called Maidan, some may have the (false) impression that we are supposedly enthusiastic mouthpieces and supporters for Yanukovich…Who thinks so, is wrong: no, dear readers, we understand very well that mister Yanukovich is surely not some angel or, even more, the people’s leader toward a bright tomorrow – we also understand that in this regime the power belonged to no one else but a local oligarchic clique, whereas mister Yanukovich merely executed the function of being the political representative, or, let’s say, “state manager”, of these groups.

However, we do condemn Maidan.

Why? Surely not because we’d “love” Yanukovich, but rather because of elementary common sense and political thinking:

One ought to fight against evils with the intent of replacing them with better alternatives – and the present order of Ukraine, as well as its former government, are evils;
It is possible to change an inadequate order and ruling stratum only through a conscious and ideologically based political struggle with a clear goal and vision.
But was “Maidan” such a struggle, i. e. a conscious and clear struggle of the people? No, it was nothing else but a game with the spontaneous uprising of the Ukrainian masses (or, to be more precise, a considerable part of these masses, as the present coup d’etat and Maidan was surely not and is not a movement of “nationwide” proportions), done by various political demagogues, who have been prepared, supported and financed by various foreign powers (to be precise: USA and European Union).

The aim of the real leaders of “Maidan” is the entanglement of Ukraine into the Empire of Sodomy – the liberal EU – not the welfare of the Ukrainian people.

In other words, it was a path from bad to worse, i. e. from a lesser evil (Yanukovich), to a greater evil (i. e. the liberal opposition of “Euro-integrationists” and Americanophiles).

This is a fact that is impossible to deny – and it is openly admitted even by the main “heroes” of Maidan – the petty leaders of the main “official” parties with their closest lackeys...